Do you need help with a none fault accident claim?

Autobody Repair Centre would like to introduce you to AMG Claims Ltd who are specialist in the field of Non Fault Accident Claims.

Autobody Repair Centre has no connection with AMG Claims Ltd. We are two separate and independent companies who specialise in our own line of work.

AMG Claims

Phone numbers of AMG Claims Ltd:

01733 340 333. Mobile: 07711 688 044

Non Fault Accidents.

A non-fault accident is an accident in which the other party involved is clearly at fault and they accept liability and therefore their insurers will pay for your claim.

The benefits of using AMG Claims Ltd.

  • A local professional firm based in Peterborough.
  • Stay mobile: We will organise a like-for-like replacement vehicle whilst yours is being repaired.
  • Be stress free: AMG will liaise with the at fault insurance company to manage the claim and minimise any inconvenience to you.
  • Protect your no-claims bonus: As your claim will be against the other driver there will be no impact on your no-claims bonus.
  • Save money: All costs will be recovered directly from the other person’s insurance company so there’s nothing for you to pay.
  • Peace of mind: with no risk, you won’t be left to foot the bill for any unexpected additional repairs.
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